Surrey & Berkshire Sales & Lettings.

We pride ourselves on quality of service and value for money as a family company our name is everything. Providing realistic property valuations, whilst always willing to test market reactions at higher levels.

At Surrey and Berkshire sales and lettings we can as easily deliver a standard range of services or tailor them to the individual landlord or property needs.

With the experienced and local staff, we intimately know the areas, properties, and tenants to gain the best investment performance.

Surrey & Berkshire Sales & Lettings have years of experience in the property industry, in our time we have offered nothing but high quality services weather you are a first time buyer or simply need someone to help manage your properties we are here to help, please get in touch today if you have any queries!

Buying, Selling & Renting

We have several properties in our portfolio available for buying and rent and are experts at getting first time buyers on the property ladder, we also help property owners sell and maximise their profits.


We are committed to providing landlords with sound advice with a fantastic team of experts at our disposal along with years of experience in the industry.

Property Management

Surrey & Berkshire Sales & Lettings offer professional property management services so you can have a more hands-off approach to your properties and allow us to do all the work for you.


Whether your buying for the first time, looking for a new place to rent or need someone to manage your properties Surrey & Berkshire Sales & Leases have you covered, get in touch today.